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Instant International Premium Numbers

How it Works?

More profit for your business

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International Telephone Numbers can be used as a micropayment tool to bill your services.

Your receive a payout each time the numbers are called.

International Payment Solutions are accessible for all over the world and ca be used for different kind of services such as TV-Shows, Gaming or Adult sites.

We provide IVR, Call Center Solutions or Bulk SMS services to promote your numbers and your business.

Your benefits

Test Numbers

Don’t miss a spot to get more profits !.
With our special Test Console, you can check your number’s reachability at any moment and diagnose any technical problem together with the expertise of our crew of technicians

Easy and Transparent Statistics

Real time statistics to count minutes and calls, to reach the best results we know how important is to trust your telecom provider.
Easy to understand reporting thanks to 1Telco Customer Console.

High Availability

All our services live in the cloud with multiple redundancy to deliver a real 24/7 solution and never miss a call.

Traffic Protection

Never lost a call again with our Traffic Secret Code System which make traffic seizure by intermediate carriers very easy to spot and avoid.
You will get assistance from our support crew to implement this solution.

Security Filters

Our traffic filters and Fraud Detection AI-powered Software tracks and block any undesirable potentially dangerous traffic to prevent collateral issues.

Great Tech Support

Our technicians really help !
With 1Telco you will never be alone again, we can help you on any connection issues may arise and explore together any revenue opportunity as they come.
You can safely think on us first!

Join us

1Telco is a Worldwide Telecom Company based in Spain with more than 20 years of activity and experience in more than 40 countries around the world.

We use inventive and disruptive technology and thinking to create revenue opportunities that others simply don’t spot. We find ways to generate large amount of traffic without resulting collateral issues.

We always think on long term partnership and durable business relations, join us is always a safe and profitable decision.

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