Costumer Panel

  • What is the Customer Panel?
    The Customer Panel is a way for us to build strong relationships with users of our product. We'll use it as a way to understand your needs, workflows as well as how you use the product. We'll also use it to float future feature ideas and get feedback on them
  • What is the time requirement?
    The Customer Panel is an ongoing project. The overall impact should be minimal and if at any point you no longer want to participate, just tell us. Typically we'll aim to reach out the Panel every couple of months or so.

Reseller Panel

  • 1Telco features revenue sharing facility with resellers
  • Reseller can join us with fixed commission bases
  • 1Telco do provide white label solutions for resellers
  • Reseller can work with or without internet access
  • Flexibility to work anytime

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